All photography provided by Dani DiPillo unless otherwise noted


yeah, What the haY Is Our Mission? Good question. Tellings Below

Human connection through sharing stories, supporting local artists, fundraising, community involvement, and aiding those in silence


The Confidante Collective is a safe space to share experiences and listen. Healing begins with allowing our stories, through art, through words, through action. Bringing people together to share themselves with others, makes room for the connection we so need. And creates a community for humanity’s growth.

Moving towards a collective “seen-ness” implies seeing circumstances that our own privilege and convenience guard us from. And through story we work towards opening our eyes to the reality of everyone’s experience. 

There are two mediums The Confidante Collective uses for expression and connection. Online, where we publish your stories to our Vulnerability Journal and share stories visually to Storytelling Expanded. As well as through our community outreach events. These events serve as both a fundraiser for social causes and as a platform for artists and peers to share themselves in an embracing space. 


The idea for The Confidante Collective was born in 2012. After years of realizing and allowing fear, confronting mental health, and allowing self love, in May 2019, I gave myself permission to believe I can create space for myself and others. And with community not only survive, but thrive and support.

Founder Dani DiPillo