Event banner photo provided by Nic Harrison Murphy

Story telling is uniquely human and we express our existences through our art, words, and actions. We connect and heal through this allowance.


Our events serve to build community for local artists and give voice to those looking to share their stories. As well as those wanting to listen and encourage. The events run as an open mic to give equal space and opportunity to attendees. Events also fundraise for social causes.

Artists and storytellers of all disciplines are welcome!

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What We've Achieved


a lot of gushy gratitude

a lot of gushy gratitude

The Confidante Collective’s inaugural event raised $100 from gatherer’s sweet pockets for the ACLU. And what was greater achieved, in The CC’s perspective, were humans coming together raw to share their truths. No matter profound or messy. And we all cried and laughed the night away, connected.